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Learn the Principles, Abide by the Principles, Dissolve the Principles. -Bruce Lee

A Better Tomorrow

Unsplash Image Credit: Spencer Watson A Better Tomorrow As an independent consultant, I lead technical teams and move the needle for modernization in enterprises. I keep coming back to the idea of what the project looks like for a new team member. What is the architecture? How are pull requests done? What technologies are we using? What tech stack do they want to move towards? When I join a new team, I ask the most important question: How do we deliver software to our users?


Introducing… I finally got around to making a blog. I thought around different tools like Gatsby, Hugo, Netlify, Firebase, etc. In the end it doesn’t really matter. The content is what is important. Excuse the rough edges but I needed to publish something. I spent most of the months deciding on a theme and tweaking each theme I selected. Ridiculous. The content here is about creating. Creating software, creating teams, and maybe my other endeavors.